Manufacturing Units

• Location: Narol, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.
• Certifications: API 600 0172, API 6D 1352, API 603 0005
• Capacity: 36,000 valves p.a.
• Employees: ~300 (incl. corporate)
• Recently undertook capacity addition for manufacturing large size valves (> 36")

Product Equipment

Providing high quality products is the core operational philosophy of NILON VALVE. However, good products must be manufactured through high tech manufacturing operation and advanced equipments. Therefore, according to the different characteristics of valves structure, NILON VALVE has developed detailed and scientific operation and manufacturing process. Meanwhile, the company has made heavy investments in building up CNC Machining centers, purchasing a great number of CNC lathe, boring machine, large vertical lathe, metal cutting equipment and automatic welding machine.
NILON VALVE pays great attention to every details of production and is committed to proving high quality valve products to users through advanced equipment and manufacturing process.

Large Vertical Lathe

Universal Milling Machine

CNC Machining Center

Large Boring Machine

List Of Machinery

1 Lathe Machine 7 feet * 9' Center 08 Nos. Max Cut
2 Lathe Machine 7 feet * 12' Center 05 Nos. Max Cut
3 Llathe Machine 7 feet * 15' Center 05 Nos. Max Cut
4 Lathe Machine 7 feet * 20' Center 03 Nos. Max Cut
5 Lathe Machine 7 feet * 24' Center 02 Nos. Max Cut
6 Lathe Machine 7 feet * 9' Center 04 Nos. Torrent
7 Radial Drilling Machine 2.5" 02 Nos. MAS
8 Pillar Drilling Machine 1.5"(Auto Filed) 04Nos. SATYABHUMI
9 Grinder Fixed 8"*1" 10 Nos. BHARAT
10 Welding Machine 3PHASE 415 V 04 Nos. VULCAN
11 Hand Grinder 2 Hp 08 Nos. Bharat
12 Grinder 8" * 1" 05 Nos. Bharat

List Of Testing Equipment

Sr No
1 Hydraulic Test Bench Hydraulic Operated One Station 2" to 08" 2 Nos Creative Hydraulic
2 Hydraulic Test Bench Hydraulic Gearbox Operated to 36" 3 Nos Bharat
3 Hydraulic Test Bench Head Pump Operated 2" to 16" 2 Nos Suvas
4 Air Compressor Piston Type 14 KGX7.5hp 2 Nos Gajjar


Valves Status

Valves Bunch



During the stages of manufacturing process, all components are subjected to rigid quality controls according to RT Quality Control Plans and EN, ISO and DIN applicable standards.
All completed valves, before leaving the factory have undergone to several tests on up to date equipment.
The testing equipment are regularly calibrated according to formal procedures with the reference to samples certified by official testing laboratories (Sit, Namas, etc.).
These equipment permits to RT technicians to perform all the required tests like dimensional checks, strength tests and tightness tests.
By these methods RT can guarantee that the 100% of the valves delivered to the customers are completely in conformity with the requirements of Quality Control Plans and reference standards. Apposite Quality Control Plans are predisposed for valves ordered for special applications or subject particular regulations. The know how of RT personnel employed in the tests is verified and certified by an independent authority according to the current regulations.
All the performed tests are certified according to EN 10204.

Painting inspection

Painting inspection

Ultra sonic Cleaning

Valve Assembly

Valve Inspection

Valve Inspection
Valve Drilling